ThumbSpace: Generalized One-Handed Input for Touchscreen-Based Mobile Devices

Validation level: 5. CHI, UIST, CSCW and TOCHI paper publication

Elements on a smartphone screen can be hard to reach using your thumb. Thumbspace proposes a tool that makes it possible to reach the far corners with your thumb in order to increase efficiency.

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Storyboard of Functions

From left to right:

Tilt slide. By turning the phone, the image "falls" into a corner and far away buttons can be reached.

Tilt reduction. User defines beforehand how far she can reach the corners of the phone by thumb, and when turning the phone a reduced version of the screen appears in that size.

Tilt Cursor. By aiming and swiping in the direction of the button that needs to be clicked, a cursor slides over the screen and when released is hit.

  • Tilt Slide
  • Tilt Cursor
  • Tilt Reduction

-> Reified approach that is triggered by the natural gesture of just turning your phone in a certain direction, and the screen falling in its corners.


When falling into the corners or reaching out to a smaller version of the actual screen, clicking small buttons can become terribly difficult.