The Cone and The Lazy Bubble

Validation level: 5. CHI, UIST, CSCW and TOCHI paper publication

They are basically the "Bubble Cursor" but with improved shaped and behaviours. The lazy bubble grows slower and the cone bubble has a shape that implies its target

Copy Bibtex Laukkanen, J.; Isokoski, P. and Räihä, K-J. The Cone and the Lazy Bubble: Two Efficient Alternatives Between the Point Cursor and the Bubble Cursor. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pages 309-312, ACM, New York, NY, USA, CHI '08 , 2008.
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This paper presents two alternatives to Bubble Cursor, Lazy Cursor and its advanced version, Cone Cursor. They behave similar to Bubble Cursor but introduce less visual distraction.

The Cone Cursor is a cone-shaped bubble pointing from its previous target to the new target. We can easily infer its target from its shape and direction.
Although its performance is still slightly inferior to Bubble Cursor, the visual disturbance has been greatly reduced. It also uses the lazy grow algorithm as used in Lazy Bubble.

The performance is similar with that of Bubble Cursor.
Cone Cursor's error rate is also similar to Bubble Cursor's.

The lazy grow algorithm vastly reduced the visual disturbance brought by Bubble Cursor.
The cone shape compensates the error increase introduced by the algorithm so that helped the Cone Cursor keep the similar performance as Bubble Cursor


Slightly deteriorated performance.