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Pointable, an in-air bimanual perspective-based interaction technique that augments touch input on a tabletop for distant content. With Pointable, the dominant hand selects remote targets, while the non-dominant hand can scale and rotate targets.

Copy Bibtex Banerjee, A.; Burstyn, J.; Girouard, A. and Vertegaal, R. Pointable: an in-air pointing technique to manipulate out-of-reach targets on tabletops. In Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, pages 11-20, 2011.
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Perspective-based pointing technique. The cursor position is determined through two points: the nose bridge, and the index finger of the dominant hand. The non dominant hand can be used to rotate and scale the pointed artifact.

Pointable interactions can only be activated when using the SideTrigger gesture. To acquire targets, a user points with the dominant hand’s index finger while the middle, ring and little fingers are curled towards the palm. Bringing the thumb close to the second knuckle of the middle finger results in a click-down event.