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The FlowMenu is a new kind of marking menu that was developed for use with a pen device on display surfaces such as large, high resolution, wall-mounted displays. To interact, the user will have to drag the pen to the selected option inside the menu and as he does, a new sub-menu will be appearing, replacing the previous one. To submit the operation, the user needs to come back to the “rest” point, which is the center.

Copy Bibtex Guimbreti'ere, F. and Winograd, T. FlowMenu: Combining Command, Text, and Data Entry. In Proceedings of the 13th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, pages 213-216, ACM, New York, NY, USA, UIST '00 , 2000.
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Storyboard of Functions

Gif illustrating the use of the Flow Menu in terms of using the keyboard and then moving the object using direct manipulation. For more information about the uses of the Flow Menu, watch the video below.

This image displays the normal use of the Flow Menu. First, the user selects an option and returns to the center to validate, while the menu is changing with the new options on it.

This image shows the use of a keyboard into the FlowMenu.

This image represents the use of the menu in a “knob” mode in which the user interacts with the menu as though it was a knob (like a wheel turning to increase or decrease values).

It integrates direct manipulation also. So without needing to move the pen apart, the user can continue the interaction after finishing using the menu, without needing to close it.