Group 4 - Slide grouper

On by: yixuan-mei


User’s Goal:

Simplify the steps to modify component attributes, especially when the elements are diverse and numerous.


Grouping elements, Styling Elements



Objects inside a slide

Our new extension allows users to group elements of a slide and edit them together, or group slides and make them have the same theme, saving time and increasing efficiency. With this tool, you can easily select multiple elements and group them together for streamlined editing.

Not only that, but our extension also features a fast and convenient way to copy properties from one element to another. This feature can save the user time when they want to apply the same style of formatting to multiple elements on a slide, or to multiple slides.

Say goodbye to the hassle of editing elements one by one, and try out our powerful new grouping and copying tool. Experience a more efficient and streamlined slide editing process, and enjoy the benefits of increased productivity.

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Instrumental interaction


Grouping slide pages


Grouping elements



Directly change a attribute of the whole group

If a slide's content changes, the other sildes content changes too within the group

Whole group movement

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Human-Computer Partnership


When the user hover on the button for a while, it shows a quick tutorial :)


The user can drag the tool to group slides by circling


The user can drag the tool to link two groups if they stay in one group for a while. Linked groups will synchronize changes from each other.

The user can preview style modification changes by hovering on the option.

The user can also change theme by long clicking the tool button

The user can drag the tool to copy the style of one group to another group.