Group 1 Line Tool

On 26/01/2023 by: hongxi-du

A Line tool that help users beautify lines and draw shapes.



User’s Goal:

Form beautified curves and shapes from hand drawn commands.


Line and shape commands



We introduce a modified version of the line tool offered by Google Slides. We provide abilities for users to redefine their shapes and lines and use them as substrates to make further developments. We emphasize discoverability, expressivity, and appropriability in our tool.

Demo Link:

Basic functions:
Beautify hand-drawn lines and shapes in different ways according to the users.

How to use:
Draw the shape you want without worrying about how it looks right now and select from suggestions, based on which you can make further changes and finally reach your desired results. We try to keep as many details made by users as possible while providing beautification at the same time.

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Instrumental interaction


Draw with mouse intuitively. Select the desired result and Press Enter.

The shape inference command became a floating menu from which users can select.


The shape inference applies to different kinds of objects, such as text objects. Instead of selecting the text, the user can also draw shapes directly around the text.


Reuse custom shapes as future inference references.

Use the shape inference tool as a substrate on forming nested shapes.

Based on the beautification results, modify it and re-apply the beautification as substrate. Apply the substrate on different types of objects, such as texts. Instead of selecting the text, the user can also draw shapes directly around the text.

Reuse objects formed by substrates as future inferences.

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  • Hi-Fi
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Human-Computer Partnership


Visual aids to inform the user of potential operations.


Adapt to user inputs from before sessions


Take user's noise input into account. If the user repeatedly draws a shape, the beautified shape has thicker lines.

After shape beautification, the user selects the previous input from the beautified output and refines upon the original one.

User can apply their changes from before sessions onto a already-beautified shape.

Take user's noise input into account and make further changes to the beautified objects. If the user draws a rectangle with over-extended edges, the over-extended edges can also be used to resize another rectangle.