Group 7, Move it

On by: julien-berry

The goal of Move It is to make the use of transitions and animations in google slides flawless.



User’s Goal:

To create great slide with impeccable transitions


Transitions and Animations





Adding transitions to your slide can be painful when your software isn't adapted for it. By applying concepts from the generative theory, we reified the animations into a persistent tool.

With Move it, the user can directly manipulate transitions as an object. The system also supports creativity by letting the user transform transitions and how they are applied how he sees fit.

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Instrumental interaction


Move it Move it reifies the command of animation into a persistent, directly-manipulatable object visually indicative of the motion it represents.


Move it Move it animations can be applied to multiple types of objects including text, textboxes, shapes and slides.


Move it Move it animations can be duplicated and reused to apply the animate command to another object

Move it Move it reifies the relationship of animation on an object into a persistent object as a substrate.

Move it Move it supports various hierarchical relationships, such as nesting the animation within a group of objects or treating the grouping as one item, and reify the objects that hold the relationships into a persistent object.

With Move it Move it, the animated objects can be copy and pasted together as one entire object. Move it Move it recognizes the possible relationships between objects that the animations create.

  • Lo-Fi
  • Hi-Fi
  • Demos

Human-Computer Partnership


Move it supports instrumental discoverability by suggesting transitions to users


Move it lets the user appropriate its function by letting him apply transitions how he sees fit.


Move it allows expressivity by letting users record their own transitions.

Move it is discoverable by showing users a preview of a transition when hovering it.

Move it allows users to apply transition to anything, users appropriate the output of a transition by applying it to the paintbrush tool.

Move it supports output expressivity with the possibility to edit transition parameters (speed, angle...)