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On 01/02/2023 by: anshul-singh-jadone

Zoom-in feature during presentation mode (Anshul, Aki, Srijan)



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Instrumental interaction


The feature reifies the zooming in command during slide presentation mode, allowing default/object/custom area zooming in a slide


The zoom-in feature can be used to zoom into multiple objects such as table cells, images, graph plots, texts.


While in edit mode, the zoom level value set on one object can be reused and applied to any other desired objects.

Long press while zoomed in will make the command persist.

Zoom level set on one object persists and can be used across all types of objects on a slide.

In presentation mode, reuse any of the archived zoom values. Drag and drop the zoom value to any object on current slide.

  • Lo-Fi
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Human-Computer Partnership


When the zoom tool is moved close to an object, system gives a feed forward by outlining and animating the object to indicate the user that it is zoomable.


Users can choose to save snapshots as desired in the zoom archive tray when zooming in on an object.


Users can preset their preferred zoom value in the edit mode.

The system gives feedback in the form of a small preview window. The position of the zoomed-in object is highlighted in this preview.

The users can access the stored snaps in the zoom archive at any time of the presentation, on any slide.

In presentation mode, the users are allowed to modify the preset value.