Group 5 Translide

On by: katja-kordes


User’s Goal:

Efficiently create presentations for multilingual audiences.




Slide Content

Translating is currently possible only outside of slides, you have to copy paste from external tools to your layout to translate a slide set. By applying the generative theory, we reified the command of translation into a persistent brush-like instrument, Translide, so that users can perform in-context translation directly on content in Google Slides and evoke linked translated decks.
It allows you to easily translate your whole deck or customized specific parts of it into multiple languages efficiently. If you decide to change your content in the source language it will furthermore easily synchronize to your translated versions. You can personalize the tool to fit your translation style by making it learn your preferred translations, translate to speech output as well as combine multiple languages in one deck.

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Instrumental interaction


Translide reify the command of translating into a translated slide set.


Translide applies the command of translation to different types of objects, such as a textbox, one slide, several slides or a link.


Translide can reuse the translation object to translate to another language. (e.g. Translated Apple to Apfel, than translate to pomme)

Translide reify the objects that hold the relationship of the translation into a persistent object as a substrate. Changing content on the original slide will cause retranslation on the translated slides, thus the translation relationship persist.

Translide support various relationships between original text and translated object, such as translation to text and translation to speech.

A defined translation template can be reused on other slides.

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Human-Computer Partnership


When starting the Translide, translatable objects are highlighted in purple.


Translide support user customisation, for instance you can combine the styling command with the translation command in one interaction.


Translide supports user-defined gestures which cause a user-specific tone of the translation.

Translide supports viewing of the original text on hover while maintaining the translation relationship.

Translides support combining multiple substrates into one to create a multilingual slide deck while maintaining the relationships of the applied objects.

Translide supports changing the outcome of the translation command for a specific object and updates the substrate accordingly.