Group 3 - animator

On 26/01/2023 by: alexandre-ciorascu

Animator is a set of arrows that can be linked to objects or group of objects to animate the slides easily and that support polymorphism and reuse


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Instrumental interaction


The arrow reifies the idea of applying an animation to an object


The same animation arrow can be applied to multiple types of objects


The animation arrow that is tied to an object can be duplicated to be applied to another object

The animation arrow can be applied to a whole substrate

The group of objects whose the animation arrow is applied to can be modified freely and it maintains the relations

A substrate of object with the animation tied can be copied and pasted to reuse it

  • Lo-Fi
  • Hi-Fi
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Human-Computer Partnership


Approaching the arrow displays a ghost tool and previews what the animation will do


This gesture lets the user record their own animation


An arrow animation can be taken from its object and be modified. Here the arrow is longer and the animation will be slower

We apply the discoverability principle to a group of objects. The preview also works on that. Then the animation arrow can be modified and the previews of the animation are shown depending on where the user is taking the arrow

The animation assistant lets the user modify and appropriate the animation. Here the object has an arrow with a base animation linked to it. Then the user modifies the distribution so it's jerkily and fast

The animation assistant can be used on a new animation arrow before being applied to an object.
The user can add temporal points to change how the animation is perceived.
The animation is jerkily and fast then slow