Group 11: Cement

On by: katerina-koleva

Our tool acts like applying cement between bricks (or shapes) and you can create your own template.



User’s Goal:

to create powerful templates, diagrams, tables


assembling or applying cement between bricks


Slide Master

Our tool empowers you to do every possible template using rectangles and cement between them. You can stretch, modify or even pour the cement in different shapes and keep the relationship between objects. After you create a connection between a few shapes you can reuse the cement and apply it to the whole surface of the new cemented shape or reuse the cemented relationship as an object to connect a few other shapes in the same manner.

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Instrumental interaction


Reification of the command of applying cement between bricks.


The cement-applying tool can be used on different objects: margins, shapes, text and images.


The already applied cement on two objects can be 'copied' and applied on two other objects.

The already existing relationship between 3 objects (the cement connecting them) can be extracted as an object and applied to 3 other objects -which will end up having the same relationship.

The instrument supports extracting the already applied cement between shapes that are connected into one and applying it on the whole surface of the new object. That way the surface becomes 'magnetic' and a new object can be added.

The already-created relationship can be reused and applied as a tool to different objects.

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Human-Computer Partnership


The instrument supports feedforward.


The user can modify the already applied instrument and stretch it or make it curvy.


Users can use the tool in a different way by removing the cement and leaving an empty space in the same shape.

The whole surface of the new shape is then covered with cement which is discovered and the user can add something to it

The user then has more expressive options like increasing the width of one object automatically increases the width of the one connected to it.

The removed substrate then can be used as a shape container where the user can pour cement.