2024 Group 7 - Magic Styler

On 13/02/2024 by: 2024-group7

The Magic Styler reifies the command of polymorphic style application, allowing for the direct and intuitive manipulation of styles across text, animations, videos, and images with a single action.



User’s Goal:

Making his/her presentation more appealing by styling different objects.


Copy/Pasting and Styling


Presentation Styling Excellence

This tool reifies the essence of style and aesthetic across various media formats into a dynamic, directly-manipulatable brush. By doing so, it enables users to unify or diversify the visual and interactive elements of their projects with precision and ease, significantly enhancing the creative workflow across multiple domains of digital content creation.
Final presentation:https://www.canva.com/design/DAF8Nyjo6vI/gIwnFFPQh63DffjM_G3-pg/edit?utm_content=DAF8Nyjo6vI&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link2&utm_source=sharebutton

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Instrumental interaction


The Style Brush Tool reifies style replication into a dynamic, directly-manipulatable brush


Magic Styler applies the command of styling to multiple types of objects such as videos, photos or texts.


The Magic Styler can store styles, that can be reused to apply the style command to another set of objects.

The Magic Style Tool reifies the objects that hold the relationship of style into a persistent object as a substrate. Therefore in the video its shown that the brush is keep until you hover over the paint brush icon were the styles are saved.

The Magic Styler supports various relationships such as text colouring and animations, and reifies the objects that hold the relationships into a persistent object. It's shown how the animation is applied into different types of objects such as videos, photos and texts.

Different elements can be changed with the style copied before by just clicking with the brush. The process can be stopped by hovering with the brush into the box where the styles are saved so the user gets the mouse back.

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Human-Computer Partnership


When hovering over, the brush appears on the left corner of the object. Moreover, if you right click, it is shown as "copy style" for better inclusion with more traditional users.


Magic Styler introduces AI suggestions for user customization, offering alternative designs through three unique characters: Cool Cat, Formal Cat, and Artistic Cat, each encouraging specific style choices.


Magic Styler transforms user adjustments and creative aspirations into tangible updates for the style library, featuring a whiteboard that emerges upon clicking the "plus" icon beside saved styles for custom design drawings.

Magic Styler supports a preview of the change of the new style, while maintaining the relationships with the objects.

Magic Styler support user manipulation or modification while maintaining the relationship with the applied objects by deleting AI suggestions. The tool will provide the user with more.

Magic Styler supports reifying user tweaks by making subtle changes to the already saved styles (color, font...) and by updating the substrate accordingly.