2024 Group 4 - CornerIT

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User’s Goal:

To round object's corners, tweak them and reuse their radius.


Corner rounding



Crafting visually appealing presentations often involves meticulous adjustments, particularly when it comes to rounding corners of objects in Google Slides. Our tool, CornerIt, transform the process of rounding corners into a seamless experience. By encapsulating the command of corner rounding into a persistent instrument, CornerIt empowers users to directly manipulate and refine the curvature of corners with ease. Furthermore, CornerIt extends its functionality beyond basic rounding, allowing users to round different type of objects in the slides, save their previous corners and express themself with the possibility to draw their customized corners. With CornerIt, users have the flexibility to tailor their objects with precision and creativity, ensuring every detail aligns seamlessly with their vision.

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Instrumental interaction


CornerIT reify the command of corner rounding into an instrument that persist with the objects presented in the slide.


CornerIT offers versatility, allowing users to apply its features to various corners within the same shape or across different objects such as TextBoxes and Images.


With CornerIT, users can effortlessly save the corner radius of their objects into a readily accessible persistent list.

Users have the flexibility to adjust the degree of rounding for each selected corner

By modifying just one corner, the radius changes are simultaneously applied to all selected corners.

By recalling previously saved corner configurations, users can efficiently apply them to different objects.

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Human-Computer Partnership


CornerIT is easily discoverable as users hover over specific objects they wish to interact with.


CornerIT supports customizable corners through user-generated handwriting, empowering users to express their creativity.

Users can explore the functionality of the tool by interacting with its specific icons.

After users draw their preferred custom corner, they can seamlessly apply it to the selected object, ensuring its persistence.