2024 Group 2 - ChronoStyle

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User’s Goal:

Copying and pasting the style formatting of objects.


The copy / paste of style formatting (paint formatting)



Copying and pasting the style formatting of objects can oftentimes be a tedious action in Google Slides. Users might need to repeat the same action of copying/pasting a style several times, as there is no way to “store” a style for further use on multiple objects. Our tool, ChronoStyle, aims to create a universal instrument to handle the copying and pasting of objects’ style formatting, by saving selected styles and being able to customize them and use them across the presentation’s slides. Once the tool is activated, users can select multiple objects and store their styles in a History Panel, which contains all the history of the saved styles of the current session. Each saved style contains both a visual depiction of how the object looks, and the detailed properties of it - the properties can be selected or unselected, and users can move them across the different saved styles to create their desired style and finally paste it on the object of their interest, by dragging and dropping the style’s “card” on them.

Final presentation: https://www.canva.com/design/DAF8mghU2A0/e72lDpPuuJaU9jGYei1Mtg/view?utm_content=DAF8mghU2A0&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=editor

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Instrumental interaction


The user can copy the style of any element present on the slide while the ChronoStyle tool is active. Our tool is a brush that the user can activate using a framework similar to real life: simply by brushing over an object on the slide.


ChronoStyle allows any type of object present on the slide (shapes, text, custom drawings, etc) to be copied.


ChronoStyle can be used multiple times, and the user can edit and reuse any copied and saved style.

The style of the selected element(s) is stored and saved in the history panel, alongside with each property of the style.

The style of the object that has been saved can be applied to multiple different objects, and can be customized to include/exclude specific properties of the saved styles.

The user can reuse the saved style of an object, select/deselect some of its properties, and move properties of other saved objects into it, so that the custom style can be pasted into the desired object. It is also possible to then re-save the result of such modification by copying the object into which the style was pasted.

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Human-Computer Partnership


Apart from the ability to hover over the object in a "paint" way (as shown in the reification videos), the user can use the tool in a more discoverable way - when the user clicks on the object, the tool gets active, and the user can then click on it to copy a style. Then, the pointer is transformed into a brush tool that can copy styles from all objects present on the slide.


The user can select/unselect the stype properties of a saved style, and use this customized style to paste it on objects.


Apart from shapes and text, the user can also save styles from custom hand drawings. The tool directly recognizes the different style properties of the drawing and lists them in the history panel.

When the user copies a style, a "card" is added to the history panel, which contains a graphic depiction of how the object looks like as well as the various properties that it has (for example fill color, overline, etc).

The user can move style properties across the saved styles, according to his/her preferences for the final style. Then, they can paste the desired style on the object.

The user can use the stored style of the custom drawing, in order to alter the style of other objects.