2024 Group 1 - Linky

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Linky helps to connect any element in google slides.


User’s Goal:

To apply relationships between objects and features.


Linking comments/notes/conditions to objects.



Linky helps to connect any element in google slides. You can add functionality to it, by low coding conditions, and connect multiple elements at once. With this your slides can be made smarter and you can realise anything you’d like to create.

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Instrumental interaction


The user can add a property with/without a condition on a link that was previously created, and then the property is applied whenever then condition is valid.


The linking allows multiple objects being linked together at once.


The user can click on an already present link, and by dragging the mouse near other objects, they can be linked together with the same conditions.

When the user deletes one object that is linked to another one with a conditioned property applied via the link, then the link is redirected on the object that is left, and the property is unchanged.

The linking can be bidirectional, and an object can have different links with different objects.

The conditions are inherited by the link that was used to create the new connection.

  • Lo-Fi
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  • Demos

Human-Computer Partnership


When the user hovers on an object he can see 4 dots appearing on every side with which he can interact with.


The user can add a condition to a link, by simply typing the desired condition. The condition will affect the object pointed by the arrow.

When the user grabs one point and drags it to another object a line appears which represents a link which connects two objects.

While in the presenter mode, the object is hovered and the note appears in the presenter notes, just like the condition was set up.